Engineering and architectural design company

For more than 40 years, we have been working on real estate designing projects paying special attention to innovation as well as to environmental and social sustainability. Our cohesive team is made of architects and engineers with different know how and experience collected over time, able to face complex and diverse activities with success.


For every project, the team is tailored choosing the resources skills that best fit the project’s requirements. The result is an efficient service quickly delivered by a well-customized working group.


Every project is unique for us. Our time, experience and ideas are at your disposal to ensure the expected tailored outcome.


We supervise the project taking care of the management at all levels despite its complexity and dimension. Our customer is relieved from any concern and his needs kept prioritized during the whole process.


Professional experience, dedication and regular training are the key-elements that helped us building our solid and focused reliability.

Our engineering services

Urban regeneration

Re-design urban areas to make them more habitable, human, welcoming and innovative.

Territorial planning

Reorganize the territory and its usage with a full integrated context vision.

Green economy and sustainability

Reinforce the idea of a real-estate development, compliant with the environment and its community.

Cultural heritage

Map, protect and value the cultural heritage as fundamental common welfare.

Interior design

Closely plan spaces on a human scale, always ensuring functionality, habitability, efficiency but also good aesthetic impact.

Landscape design

Emphasize public and private external areas using architectural and natural elements.

High-tech support for your ideas

The high-tech support is nowadays indispensable for the engineering and architectural planning. For this reason, we gradually added the most advanced equipment in our daily-job life such as 3D Scan, drone scanner aircraft, thermoscan, BIM-GIS, virtual reality. Our special interest towards innovation ensures the utmost accuracy and attention to details.

Our team

Maurizio Filippucci


Technical Director with over than 40 years of experience in the business. He is the person who embodies the main know-how of the studio for quality assurance as well as design and management reliability, both in private and public activities.

Edoardo Filippucci


Sole Director and Legal Representant at SPAZIO 7D EGINEERING SRL. Being a proud promoter of the integrated and interprofessional approach, he mainly takes care of the executive design and construction supervision. Expert in territorial strategic planning and health and safety on the working environments.

Alessandra medici


Expert in civil and administrative law. He is the legal advisor for feasibility studies, contract consultancies and procurement management. He has also proficiency in real estate management.

Ludovica Di Paolo


Using the BIM integrated technologies approach, she is an all-stages design developer: preliminary, final and executive. She takes care of construction supervision, being also an expert of interior design.

Stefano Bocci


Preliminary and final design developer with proficiency in 3D modelling and VR, with BIM integrated technologies approach. He is also specialized in garden design and bio-architecture.

Ottavia Risa


Preliminary, final and executive design developer with BIM integrated technologies approach, but also specialized in interior design.

Lorenzo De Angelis

Energy Engineer

Energy analysis expert for both, existent and new constructions. He takes care of the preliminary and executive design of energy efficiency projects, particularly focused on renewable energy technological installations (energy performance certificate – EPC).

Ilaria Bongiorno


Preliminary, final and executive design developer also expert in 3D modelling with BIM integrated technologies approach. Proficiency in lighting design.